Esport route

The description of this route corresponds to both the Guided and the Self-Guided route, always departing from Arnes. The Sport Guided Tour departing from Gandesa is the same but with a different stage order. 

DAY 1. Arnes - Pinell de Brai - Gandesa.

Distance: 62.76 km (1.131 m. positive elevation gain)

After the magnificent rest in Lo Corral d'Arnes, the first day is undoubtedly that of the most feasible and simple entire route stage. So we will adapt to the bike (if it is for rent) and the pace of the route, which will bring us to Pinell de Brai by a route that follows much of the Via Verda, that is, easy and comfortable.

The route passes first through Horta where we can enjoy the many attractions that the city (from the Museu Picasso Centre to more than ancient olive tree, through the Ecomuseu). Then enjoy the Olles Bot and Santuari of Fontcalda, south of the Serra de Crestall, to turn shortly after to Pinell de Brai and enjoy your wonderful winery: El Celler Cooperatiu

But after visiting Pinell de Brai, where worth the climb to the viewpoint of Lleva del Biberó (Fifth Nursing Bottle) awaits the most demanding part. And is that even alojaremos- Gandesa, where we should cross the Serra de Cavalls which, together with the Serra de Pàndols were the two toughest fronts of the Battle of the Ebro, as can be seen in both route guidance and on the territory.

We have dinner in a good restaurant, before to sleep.


DAY 2. Gandesa - La Fatarella- Batea.

Distance: 67.65 km (937 m. positive elevation gain).

Today is the longest stage but less demanding.

we are immediately in Corbera d'Ebre, where the Municipal Consortium dels Espais d'Ebre Battle. In fact, the Poble Vell (the Old Town) of Corbera d'Ebre is preserved exactly as it was after the Civil War, as an example of what this event was so horrible.

The path we will follow up Vilalba dels Arcs (where, as we see, a battle that will follow route guidance was developed) is a compendium of trenches, barracks and barracks of the Republican rearguard until near Vilalba, where we find signals an interesting past that certainly will surprise you .

Faterella is a charming and eco-village where we can enjoy a good meal or buy some of their sweet .... and if we stroll through its streets you will see that is really nice, as you say in your tourist office, located in front to the museum.

From now on, the final stage is a bit broken-leg, crossing different streams (canyons) to Pobla de Massaluca (formerly Vilabona), the only one of the terms of the Terra Alta who have direct contact with the Ebro river . then Punt, traces of the past, known for its excellent wines Garnacha and full of hangers in the squares and alleys. Be sure to visit the "tourist office!". Amazing !! .


 DÍA 3. Batea - Arnes

Distancia 59.05 km. (1.284 m. Desnivel positivo acumulado).

This is the shortest turn but the most demanding stage.

We start heading towards the amazing Iberian village of Coll del Moro, of enormous dimensions before entering Gandesa.

The capital of Terra Alta welcomes us with its impressive Bodega Celler Cooperatiu, that if we did not have time the day before, the can visit today. The route takes us to the Sanctuary of the Fontcalda enjoying stunning views (and Crestes of Volandins undoubtedly are) among the amazing Serra and Serra Pàndols Crestall.

After Bot, the tour shows us the magic of Horta de Sant Joan to enjoy giving a return -a foot or ride bikes through the streets to finally get to Els Ports. A stretch of magnificent mountain Els Estrets "Narrows" (you should walk with your own bike, not ride) is the best example of all what Els Ports can offer us, just before arriving into Arnes, the culmination of the route..


Given the specificities regarding holidays and inter-week breaks between the different accommodations, the organization reserves the right to change the order of the route in some specific cases, depending on the day of the week when the route starts..