The Trans TerraAlta is, for many people, the discovery in MTB of the Terra Alta region, in the south of Tarragona. Between the Ebro, the Massif of Els Ports and the Delta lies a land full of history. After 4 days pedalling along crystalline water rivers surrounded by old vineyards and olive trees, visiting the cellars of the Catalan Modernism, riding across the Ports massif and the wonderful scenery beyond the greenway, or entering into the trenches of the Battle of Ebro, the Terra Alta in MTB will simply amaze you. Do not be surprised: it did also astonish Pablo Picasso.

And due to the good weather of the area, you can ride this route in MTB at any time of the year.



The route is offered in two different options:


- Tourist Route. With some easy routes (between 40 and 50 km / day, 183 km in total), it covers a good part of the most characteristic places of Terra Alta, travelling mostly through tracks and country roads, sometimes even paved. Length: 4 days.



- Total Route. This route aims to show something beyond the typical landscapes of Terra Alta, the most unusual and unfamiliar places, with a longer and more demanding route (250 km) to perform in 4 days.


Regardless of the fact that you choose the Tourist Route or the Total Route, Trans TerraAlta can also be performed as:


- Guided Route. With an expert guide who knows the territory and who will accompany you throughout the route, from one accommodation to another. You can start the route in Gandesa or in Arnes.



- Self-Guided Route. With a specifically configured and GPS route guidance; you can follow the route at your own pace starting in Arnes.


In the event you may need it, the organization has a bike rental service ready for this route.


All options include:


- 4 Half Board accommodations (Tourist Route and Total Route) or 3 Half Board accommodations (Sport Route) or 2 Half Board accommodations (2 days route)

- Luggage transport, so you carry with you just the basic things: a camera, a mobile phone, water .... Your will find your luggage always in your next accommodation.

c) - Accident Insurance and Civil Liability Insurance included in all cases.

d) - optionally, Cancellation Insurance Policy.

e) - Optional rental Mtb. Mtb bikes in good condition, checked and tight. They also have a powerful light to drive inside tunnels. Your problems are our problems.


The Guided Route (3 or 4 days) in addition to points (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e), also includes:

- A titled guide

- A visit to the Modernist Winery of Gandesa, a visit to the Modernist Winery of Pinell de Brai. Both tours include the wine tastings.


The Self-Guided Route in addition to points (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e), also includes:

- Temporarily repository GPS (groups up to 4 people) with the route set (with batteries, flanges and the corresponding bike rack)

- Temporarily repository "Guide map", with the most interesting elements of the route.


Our philosophy:


The Trans TerrAlta, in all its versions, is not a competitive route, nor intended to be. It is a route that has been set according to the main attractions of the region, due to their touristic appealing, their historical, cultural or artistic character, and linking them through a journey as easy and comfortable as possible.


Based on four central themes: winery, the Port’s geography, the Battle of the Ebro and, finally, the Social Territory, we have set a project with less than 185 km (in the Tourist Route option - 250 km in the Total Route) which offers a main and also quite detailed vision of both the physical and the social geography of the region.



The Trans TerraAlta is a registered Trademark, being expressly prohibited the sale, marketing or dissemination outside authorized channels.